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Custom Heat Sink

Introduction for Custom Heat Sink

If our standard series heat sinks do not meet your needs, we can create custom heat sinks at a reasonable cost and lead-time. Please review the following guidelines regarding custom heat sinks.
There are two major custom design levels.

  • Typically, no tooling fees are required.
  • Suitable for low-mid quantity usage.
  • We can cut, drill, machine or wire EDM/EDM our existing
    standard heat sinks.
  • Fin(pin) configuration, base size, and shape
    options are almost unlimited.
  • Suitable for mid-high volume custom parts.

If you have any requests or opinions, please let us know.

Change fin height / base thickness

Left:Standard Model W100-45W (Base thickness 7mm, Fin height 38mm)
Right: Customized (Base thickness 11, Fin height 34mm)

Change base size

Left:Standard Model LPD60-10B (60x60x10mm)
Right: Customized base size (60x40x10mm)

* Fins would need to be removed if the base cut line crosses fins, or wire-EDM machining would be required.

Remove fins

Left:Standard Model UB60-10B
Middle: Heat Sink with fin removal
Right: Heat Sink with fin removal and mounting holes

Fin step cut

It is possible to create a heat sink with multiple fin heights to deal with clearance issues. We can offer this feature as a step cut.

Fin step cut

By using this process, standard heat sinks can be joined together to create larger sizes. This allows customers to obtain custom sizes with short lead times and small MOQs. In addition, by combining products with different fin patterns, optimal performance with regards to thermal resistance and pressure drop can be obtained.

Make holes / tapped holes

Left:Standard Model LPD40-30B
Right: Customized ( Heat Sink with through holes)

* Note if interference with fins exists, the fins around the holes will be removed.

Embed copper plate

We can embed our heat sinks with a copper plate(heat spreader). The copper has a higher thermal conductivity, reducing spreading resistnace and increasing peformance.
Left: All aluminum Heat Sink
Right: Aluminum Heat Sink with a copper embedded base.

* The copper embedded surface cannot be anodized.

Attach adhesive tape

Our heat sinks are available with pre-applied thermal interface material or tape.
A variety of thermal interface materials/tapes are available and can be cut to any size.
Some thermal interface materials are available with a pull tab as shown on the heat sink on the left.

Attachment - Adhesive tape
Thermally conductive adhesive tape
Thermal tape/Grease

Attach push pins and springs

Heat sink is attached by push pins and springs. The PCB must have mounting holes.
A large combination of of push pins and springs are available to meet with almost any specification(PCB thickness, Chip size and target load).

Left:Heat sink with mounting tabs. LPDR35 - 15B
Right:Customized push pin heat sink from Standard Model LPD35 - 15B.

Attachment - Push pins

Use Z-Clip and anchors

Heat sink is attached by Z-Clip. The PCB requires anchors.
Z clips and anchors can be purchased separately. Custom clips can be produced as well.

Attachment - Z-Clip
Z-Clip specification

Apply thermal grease

Heat Sinks can be shipped with pre-screened thermal grease. A protective cover will ship with the heat sink to prevent disturbing the grease during shipping.

Thermal tape/Grease

Change surface treatment

A variety of surface finishes/treatments are available.
(From Left) Black Anodize, Clear Anodize, Trivalent Chromate, No Surface Finish


Heat Sinks can be shipped as complete assemblies with subcomponents, including fans, mounting hardware, accessories, etc...

Variety of fin pattern/custom tooling

Virtually any fin shape or pattern is possible. Base size and shape is also very flexible.
With custom tooling, some feature, like prutrusion or recessed base areas can be created in the tooling, minimizing the amount of secondary machining.

Variety of accessory parts

Custom accessory parts, such as heat sink attachment hardware, can be quickly created.

Typically, the following modifications can be done without creating new tooling:

  • Height change
  • Base thickness change
  • Cut base size (by machining between fins or EDM cutting )
  • Fin removal (some fin patterns may be difficult to remove)
  • Holes/Tapped Holes (not interfere with fins)

Download our catalog parts drawing (DXF format) from our web site. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistnace or advice.

Custom tooling is warranted when there is no way to create the desired heat sink from our standard series. This would include fin pattern, base geometry, or features like threaded holes or standoffs. Tooling would also be warranted if a part could be made by machining an existing standard series, but is being used in high enough quantity to see a unit price reduction by tooling.

Once a part is tooled, secondary machine work as well as wasted material is minimized. Alpha will maintain the tooling for the life of production at no added cost. Also, many different heat sinks can be made from one tooling. The base thickness and overall height can be adjusted without having to modify the tooling. A 10, 20, and 35mm tall heat sink can all be made from the same tooling with no modifications required. (Please visit Heat Sink Design for MicroForging®)

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