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Model Name :
Heat Sink
Height(h) Base(t) Weight
8 mm 2.0 mm 9.5 g
10 mm 3.0 mm 13.5 g
12 mm 14.1 g
15 mm 15.7 g
20 mm 17.9 g
25 mm 20.1 g
30 mm 22.3 g
35 mm 24.5 g
Other height
--- ---g
PCB hole dia.
2.500 mm
3.175 mm
  Push pins Springs
-------- --------
No push pin and spring required
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 Thermal Interface
No thermal interface required


The thermal interface materials listed here are phase change materials (PCMs). These PCMs are naturally tacky and will be pre-applied to the heat sink. However, PCMs may peel-off from the heat sink base when removing the release liner prior to heat sink installation. Since PCMs rely on their natural tackiness instead of an adhesive, this can happen. In light of this, we recommend that our customers apply additional pressure to the PCMs prior to removing the protective liner to allow the PCMs to wet out on the heat sink surface (refer to instruction item #4 below). Storage and Handling Instruction

Dimension and Thermal Dat Board keepout patterns
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