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Pull-Tab liner option for phase change material

Alpha has standardized the Pull-Tab option for several of our thermal interface materials.

The Pull-Tab option offers many advantages, with a minimal cost increase.

1st, the Pull-Tab makes the removal process of the protective liner simpler and quicker. This helps to minimize or eliminate the possibility of the interface material being damaged or destroyed during the liner removal process.

2nd, the Pull-Tab will overhang the edge of the heat sink, acting as a visual cue. In the field, the protective liner can be left on accidentally by the operator. With a standard liner, this will not be discovered until there is a thermal issue or device failure since the liner is hidden once the heat sink is installed.

The Pull-Tab will act as a visual cue and alert the operator if the protective liner was accidentally left on when the heat sink was installed (left picture).

Alpha can supply heat sinks with Pull-Tabs in quantities as small as 1 piece. Pull tabs are carried in stock and can typically ship from Alpha immediately, regardless of the tab length.

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