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Test Report (Shock and Vibration)

Shock and Vibration Test
Vibration Test Setup

Secure attachment of a heat sink to a chip or PCB is a very important aspect of the mechanical design. We offer variety of attachment methods including tape, push pins, Z-Clips, and shoulder screws. In an effort to provide our customers with detailed support data, we contracted with an independent laboratory to conduct shock and vibration tests for all of the various attachment methods we currently offer.

Test item Report Movie (brief examples)
Tape, Push pin, Z-Clip
QuickSet Series
QSZ clip,
Tape, Push pin,
Shoulder screw
EZ clip
QuickSet Series,
QSZ clip, Push pin
QuickSet Series
2.5mm Diameter Push pin
CQZ Clips, QSZ Clips
Shock Test Setup

No damage or loose heat sinks were observed after the full range of vibration and shock tests were completed.

Each customer is responsible for the confirmation of the robust attachment for their specific conditions. The result may vary in the real environment.

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