Announcement of FS120: Heat sink with 120mm square fan
Issue Date: 03/06/2024
FS120 heatsink picture1

We are pleased to announce our new product, the FS120, a FS series heat sink for use with a 120 mm square fan.

The FS120 is similar to previous FS series heat sinks, but designed for use with a larger 120 mm square fan. This assembly will provide cooling performance that was previously unavailable. The FS120 heat sink has 884 square pin fins formed by our Microforging technology. FSW, friction stir welding, has been utilized to provide this size and superior cooling performance. The FS series is used extensively for applications using Peltier (TEC) modules, high powered LEDs, as well as many other devices. The FS120 is an ideal choice for these high powered applications.

Please refer to our website or contact us regarding product details and pricing.

Heat sink with 120mm square fan :
Model name Base size (mm) Overall height of heat sink unit (mm)
FS120 120 x 120 25 - 40

Shipments will begin on May, 2024.

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