Active Heat Sink (F Series)
Update Announcement - Online Heatsink Customization Service
Issue Date: 2014/08/12

Our Active Heat Sinks (FH and FS series) can be modified using our online customization service.

This service allows our customers to quickly create semi-custom parts, based on our standard FH and FS series active heat sinks.

Available customizations include the addition of plain/threaded holes, overall heat sink height(fin height/base thickness), surface finish, and pre-applying thermal interface material. Modification availability will depend on the orginal heat sink as well as the compatibiltiy with other heat sink modifications.

Minimum order quantity is only 1 piece.
Typical production lead time is 7-10 days.

If a modification is required, but not available for selection from our website, please contact us.

Please visit Online catalog (Active Heat Sink) for full details.
If you have any question, please contact us.

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