Announcement of new LPD series low profile Heat Sinks
Issue Date: 2008/07/31

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet with our customer's requirements.

We have added additional low profile heat sinks (overall height of 3, 4, 5, 6mm) to our standard LPD series.

These new, low profile, heat sinks were created for applications where the existing 7mm tall heat sink can not be used. These additional sizes provide our customers, who require low profile heat sinks, with more off the shelf options. The LPD series heat sinks are designed for applications that have little or no airflow and require a low pressure drop heat sink.

New LPD series Heat Sinks

Model nameBase size (mm)** : Height (mm)Base thickness (mm)
LPD19 - ** B19 x 193, 4, 5, 62.0
LPD25 - ** B25 x 25
LPD30 - ** B30 x 30
LPD35 - ** B35 x 35
LPD40 - ** B40 x 40

Please visit our online catalog LPD series for more details.

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