New - CAD Data / Flotherm Data Libraries
Issue Date: 2004/12/06

We would like to introduce our New - CAD Data / Flotherm Data Libraries.

We have added 3D CAD data (IGES/STEP files) as well as Flotherm model data (PDML files) to our web site. Almost every part from our standard catalog is now available in these new formats. The files can be downloaded from our CAD Data / Flotherm Data Libraries. We hope these new files will assist engineers by reducing the amount of time spent in the design and heat sink selection process.

Flotherm is the thermal analysis software package supplied by Flomerics. These PDML files were created with the collaboration and support of Flomerics. Thermal engineers can use these PDML files directly with their Flotherm software, without the added step of having to create the models themselves.

The PDML files have also been added to the libraries at SmartParts3D. SmartParts3D’s web site provides access to models and data sheets from many thermally related suppliers, including heat sinks, fans, and thermal interface materials.

Please contact Flomerics regarding Flotherm thermal analysis software.

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