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How to - Ordering Heat Sinks with Thermal Tape


Heat Sink with tape

All of our standard series heat sinks can be ordered with pre-applied thermal tape per each customer's requirements. Please follow these general guidelines for choosing the correct type and size of thermal tape.


Tape Selection

Type Manufacture Base Thickness
Attachment UL Thermal Performance
Dielectric Strength Price
Ceramic Metal Plastic
T412 Parker Acrylic 0.23 Yes Yes No ++
T411 Parker Silicone 0.25 Yes Yes Yes Yes
8810 3M Acrylic 0.25 Yes Yes Yes Yes + +
8815 3M Acrylic 0.375 Yes Yes Yes Yes - +
BP105 Bergquist Acrylic 0.127 Yes Yes Yes Yes + + +

(*) Based on our internal test

For additional details and tape specifications, please visit our tape specification page.

Tape Size

Standard Tape Size
Type Square Tape Size (mm) Sheet Tape Size (mm)
T412 10, 14, 17, 20, 23, 25, 28, 30,
32, 35, 38, 40, 42, 45, 48, 50, 58
T411 150x300
8810 177x300
8815 177x300
BP105 150x300

Choose a piece of tape that is large enough to completely cover the contact area plus an additional 1.5mm in each direction. The extra material ensures that the tape will cover the package contact area if it the heat sink not perfectly centered. Additionally, if the package size is close to the size of the heat sink, leave about 1mm of space between the edge of the heat sink and the tape. For example, if a 40mm heatsink is used on a 40mm package, the proper tape size would be 38mm.

If the chip or package's surface is slightly concave, we recommend the use of tape that is slightly smaller than the chip's contact area (approximately 85%). This ensures that the tape will only be in contact with the center (hot spot) of the chip/package. The worst case scenario would be a concave package, where only the outer perimeter of the package is in contact with the heat sink. Another option for a non-flat/concave package would be the choice of 3M 8815 tape. The 3M 8815 tape is thicker and will conform to a concave surface better than the thinner, less compliant, tapes.

Quickly creating and ordering a part number for a standard series heat sink with tape

We have created an intuitive system to quickly come up with a part number that can be ordered immediately.

  1. Choose the heat sink series and size that is appropriate for your application from our on-line catalog.
  2. Choose the proper type of thermal tape.
  3. Choose the correct tape size.
  4. Create a part name by combining the heat sink part number along with the tape type and size.
Example 1 : LPD40-15B-T412-38
Part naming system

Once the heat sink/tape choice and part number are chosen, please contact us for a quote. Standard series heat sinks and tape are carried in stock. In most cases, samples and initial order quantities can be shipped within 1 day.

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