Announcement of new Pad material
Issue Date: 2014/08/08
SP-32-23-1-SRU Picture SP Picture

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet with our customer's requirements.

It has become very common for devices to use a lidless package with an exposed bare die. There are many issues to consider when cooling a package with an exposed die. One of these issues is the possibility of the heat sink tipping/tilting when it is being installed. If this happens and excessive force is applied to the edge or corner of the die, damage can easily occur.

To minimize this type of damage, Alpha has added several types of pad material to its off-the-shelf products. These pads can be applied to the heat sinks, stabilizing them during heat sink installation and minimizing excessive tipping/tiling and the possibility of damage.

Alpha has added several pad material options, allowing customer to choose the most appropriate material for their application. Factors such as die height, desired attachment force/pressure, etc... can be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate pad material. All new pad materials are all RoHS, REACH, and UL compliant/certified.

New Pad Materials:

Model name Thickness Size
SP-7-1-SRU 1.150mm 7.0mm diameter (8pieces per set)
SP-32-23-1-SRU 1.150mm 32mm(Outside) x 23mm(Inside)

Please visit our online catalog - Sponge Pad for additional details.
Shipment will begin on August 08, 2014.

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