Announcement of new Pull-Tab option for thermal interface materials
Issue Date: 2014/07/17
Pull-Tab Picture

We would like to announce the addition of a standardized Pull-Tab option for some of our thermal interface materials.

The Pull-Tab option offers many advantages, with a minimal cost increase.

The Pull-Tab makes the removal process of the protective liner simpler and quicker.
This helps to minimize or eliminate the possibility of the interface material being damaged or destroyed during the removal process.

The Pull-Tab will overhang the edge of the heat sink. This will act as a visual cue and alert to the operator if the protective liner was accidentally left on when the heat sink was installed.

Pull-Tab Picture Arrow Picture

We will be able to offer the Pull-Tab option on heat sinks that are shipped with pre-applied phase change materials. At this time we can NOT offer the use of Pull-Tabs with pre-applied thermal tapes.

At this time, the Pull-Tab option is only available for use with the following thermal interface materials:
- T-PCM905C
- TPCM585

The Pull-Tab option will be available for almost all 60x60mm and smaller heat sinks.

If you are interested in Pull-Tab option, please feel free to contact Alpha to discuss all possible design options.

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