Dual Fin Heat Sinks - Base side fins offer greater surface area.
Issue Date: 2012/09/10
Dual Fin Heat sink (UBD/ZD) Dual Fin Heat sink (UBD/ZD) Comparison Graph

Adequately cooling high performance electronic devices in restricted environments has become increasingly challenging.

In response to this challenge, Alpha has created new Dual Fin heat sink series, the UBD and ZD. The additional base side fins generate greater surface area and improve thermal performance.

The graph on the right displays the performance of a standard Z40-6B, and a ZD40-6B Dual Fin version of the same heat sink(*). At 1.2 m/s, the Dual Fin ZD40-6B's thermal resistance is 15% (0.62 C/W) lower than the standard Z40-6B!

These heat sinks can be attached to PCB using Alpha's Z-Clip or QSZ Clip.

Initial shipment of these heat sinks is scheduled for October 2012. For additional information, please contact Alpha sales.

* The Z40-6B was made for comparison testing. It is based on Alpha's Standard Z40 series heat sink.

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