Announcement of new DCC series Heat Sinks for Eighth Brick DC-DC converters
Issue Date: 2012/08/29
DCC2359L/DCC5923L Picture

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet with our customer's requirements.

We have added new passive heat sinks to our standard DCC Series, which are designed for use with Eighth Brick DC-DC converters.
The new heatsinks will be available in two different fin configurations to meet with both parallel and perpendicular airflow relative to the mounting holes. The DCC series is available in four standard height options: 6.1mm, 10.8mm, 17.8mm, and 22.8mm.
If customers would like these heat sinks to come with pre-applied thermal interface material, they can choose from T-pli210 gap filler or T-pcm905C phase change material.

Details (drawings, thermal data, etc...) are available from our online catalog.

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