Announcement of Alpha U90C-25NT-2011 / L90C-64NT-2011 Passive Heat Sink
for Socket LGA2011
Issue Date: 2012/05/23
U90C-25NT-2011/L90C-64NT-2011 Picture

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet with our customer's requirements.

We have released two new passive heat sinks for Socket LGA2011. The U90C-25NT-2011 is for 1U systems and the L90C-64NT-2011 is for 2U. These heatsinks feature Alpha's efficient elliptical fins that maximize available surface area while maintaining a lower pressure-drop. They also feature our patented copper embedded base to reduce spreading resistance and maximize heat transfer. Four spring-loaded shoulder screws will secure these heat sinks to the independent loading mechanism (ILM).*

Details (drawings, thermal data, etc...) are available from our online catalog.
Shipments will begin in the middle of July 2012.

* The ILM is not included with these heatsinks. The ILM should come already installed on most motherboards.

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