Announcement of U90C-25NT / U90-25BT Heat Sink
for Socket LGA1155/1156
Issue Date: 2011/12/09
U90-25BT Picture U90C-25NT Picture

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet with our customer's requirements.

We have released two new passive heat sinks for Intel's Socket LGA1155/1156. Both are for 1U systems. The U90C-25NT is a high-performance copper embedded heatsink. The U90-25BT is an all aluminum heatsink that offers excellent performance, but at a lower price point. Both heatsinks feature Alpha's efficient elliptical fins which maximize surface area while minimizing pressure drop across the heat sink.
These heat sinks are mounted via four spring loaded shoulder screws that are secured to the backing plate*, which is attached to the backside of the PC Board.

Details (drawings, thermal data, etc...) are available from our online catalog.
Shipments will begin in middle of Dec 2011.

* The backing plate is not included with these heatsinks. Typically, this will be included with most server motherboards.

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