Announcement of Heat Sink Selection Service
Issue Date: 2010/12/07
Heat Sink Selection Service

Electronic components have become faster and more compact, generating more heat and increasing thermal densities. Therefore, selecting heat sinks with sufficient heat dissipation capacity has become far more critical.

In response to this issue, we have added a "Heat Sink Selection Service" to our web site. This service will help create or suggest the most suitable heat sink based on information provided about your application and environment.

Proper heat sink selection depends on many factors, requiring user feedback and information. This service will cover the basics of thermal design and help select the most suitable heat sink. The use of this service is intuitive, so being an expert in thermal engineering is not required in order to use it.

If some details are not clear, or some information is omitted or unavailable, we will recommend the most suitable heat sink based on our experience and the data provided.

Please visit "Heat Sink Selection Service" for further details.

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