Announcement of Heat Sinks with Attachment Holes
Issue Date: 2008/10/31

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet with our customer's requirements.

Alpha has released new standard series heat sinks, featuring attachment holes.

The heat sinks will come with two 3.45mm diameter holes, making them compatible with our standard push pins and springs. The springs and pins are standard catalog items, allowing each heat sink to be customized for any PCB thickness and chip size. Pin and spring combinations can be selected from our online catalog, making it simple to meet with any height restriction and attachment force requirement.

This product release includes three different fin patterns, UB, LPD and Z. Each series includes two different hole orientations, relative to airflow direction. The UB and LPD based series includes six different base sizes and four different heat sink heights. The Z based series includes five different base sizes, and two different heat sink heights.

Standard hole locations are specified, allowing engineers/designers to do board layout at an early stage.

SeriesBase SizeHeightDescription
LPDM40,45,50,54,60,7010,15,20,25Low pressure drop heat sink
LPDH40,45,50,54,60,7010,15,20,25Low pressure drop heat sink(Opposite airflow direction)
UBM40,45,50,54,60,7010,15,20,250.55mm elliptical fins, high performance heat sink
UBH40,45,50,54,60,7010,15,20,250.55mm elliptical fins, high performance heat sink
(Opposite airflow direction)
ZM40,45,50,54,609.5,12.70.35mm fin thickness. Low profile heat sink
ZH40,45,50,54,609.5,12.70.35mm fin thickness. Low profile heat sink
(Opposite airflow direction)

Additional sizes and fin patterns will be added. If the hole locations need to be changed or any customization is required, please contact our sales team.

For additional details, please visit the heat sink with attachment holes page.

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