Announcement of new ST series Heat Sinks
Issue Date: 2007/11/02
ST series

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products with ST series heat sinks, designed for limited height / omnidirectional air flow applications.

The ST series features 0.75mm square pin fins. The fin gap is 1.2-1.4mm, depending on the base size.

These features offer a significant increase in surface area over existing pin fin heatsinks of the same size. By utilizing these improvements, the ST Series can provide up to a 37% reduction in thermal resistance compared to the existing - S series heat sinks, under identical conditions.

The additional sizes provide customers who require thinner heat sinks with more off the shelf options.

For corporate customers: If our standard series heat sinks do not meet your needs, we can create custom heat sinks at a reasonable cost and lead-time by utilizing existing designs. Please refer to the details on our web site under Custom Heat Sink.

The ST sereis is released in the following sizes:

Model name Base size (mm) Height (mm) Base thickness (mm)
ST40 - **B 40 x 40 4, 5, 6 , 7 2.0
ST35 - **B 35 x 35
ST30 - **B 30 x 30
ST25 - **B 25 x 25
ST19 - **B 19 x 19

Please visit our online catalog - ST series for the details of ST Series.

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