Announcement of new LPD, UB, S series low profile Heat Sinks
Issue Date: 2007/09/28

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet with our customer's requirements.

We have added additional, low profile heat sinks (overall height of 7mm) to our standard LPD, UB, S series.

These new, low profile, heat sinks were created for applications where a 10mm tall heat sink can not be used. The LPD series heat sinks are designed for applications that require a low pressure drop heat sink. The S series heat sinks are designed for applications requiring an Omni-directional heat sink. The UB series offer the best performance due to the dense pattern and thin fins.

New LPD, UB, S series Heat Sinks

Model nameBase size (mm)Height (mm)Base thickness (mm)
LPD19-7B19 x 1972.0
LPD25-7B25 x 25
LPD30-7B30 x 30
LPD35-7B35 x 35
LPD40-7B40 x 40
UB19-7B19 x 1972.0
UB25-7B25 x 25
UB30-7B30 x 30
UB35-7B35 x 35
UB40-7B40 x 40
S1519-7B19 x 1972.0
S1525-7B25 x 25
S1530-7B30 x 30
S1535-7B35 x 35
S1540-7B40 x 40

Please visit our online catalog LPD, UB, S series for more details.

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