Omni Directional Heat Sinks
For Half Brick DC/DC Converters
Issue Date: 2006/05/02

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet with our customer's requirements.
Alpha's new DCC60N and DCC60S series heat sinks have been designed for use with DC/DC converters in applications where airflow direction is undetermined or nonexistent.
The DCC60N series features a very sparse hexagonal fin pattern, suitable for applications with low or no airflow. In applications with no airflow, the omni directional pin field will function as a natural convection heat sink, regardless of orientation. The DCC60S series features a denser fin pattern, offering superior thermal performance. The denser fin pattern, however, is only suitable for applications with significant airflow.

New DCC Series Heat Sinks

Model name Base size (mm) Height: ** (mm) Base thickness (mm)
DCC60N - **B 60 x 60 11 , 18 , 23 2.5
DCC60S - **B

For detailed information, please visit Online Catalog - DCC Series.
If a custom configuration of these series is necessary, please contact Alpha, as we can easily accommodate your requirements.
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