Announcement of new Pentium 4 (for LGA775) Heat sink
Issue Date: 2005/03/03

PRE9060 We would like to introduce our latest retail heat sink for Intel's LGA775 Pentium 4 processors.

This heat sink has been designed for socket (LGA775) processors, which run much hotter than previous Pentium processors. Per our test environment, PRE9060M92P is 0.03 degC/W(3.5 degC at 115 Watts input) better than the standard retail heat sink. We would like to point out some of the features of this high-performance heat sink.

The dimensions of this heat sink are 90x90x60mm. There will also be a 5mm spacer/intake cover between the heat sink and fan. This heatsink mounts through the four holes surrounding the LGA775 socket. We will offer 2 different fan models for this heatsink. The bare heat sink will also be available for customers who prefer to choose the fan based on their individual requirements.

The M92P is a high performance 92x92x25 mm fan from Oriental Motor. The M93 is a 92x92x25 mm fan from Sanyo Denki. The M93 is much quieter than the M92P, and is recommend for customers who want a near silent-cooling solution.


Performance data
With M92P fan (3400rpm, 1.30m3/min, 36db) : 0.22 degC/W
With M93 fan (2100rpm, 1.05m3/mm, 25db) : 0.28 degC/W
(cf. Intel target : 0.29 degC/W (Per Intel specification as of Feb.2005))

Of course, lower thermal resistance numbers are possible by using one of many 92mm fans available in the market with even even higher performance specifications than the M92P.

With these available options, this new heat sink will appeal to individuals seeking a high quality cooling solution with minimum noise as well as the extreme enthusiast going for maximum performance.

This heat sink CANNOT be used on Socket 478 Pentium 4, or any AMD processors. Those interested are able to review/download the details (drawing, thermal data, etc.. ) from our online catalog on April 15, 2005. Shipment will begin on April 18, 2005.

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