New U8090/L8090 Heatsink
for Intel Xeon Processor (Nocona core)
Issue Date: 2004/11/19
Revised Date: 2004/11/26

We would like to announce two passive heat sinks for Intel Xeon (Nocona).

The U8090C-25 is for 1U system, and the L8090C-51 is for 2U system.

Both heat sinks are manufactured by Alpha's MicroForging(R) process. The copper embedded base reduces spreading resistance, providing for more efficient heat transfer.

The base size is 78.5 x 90 mm. The U8090C-25 (for 1U) features a 0.55mm fin thickness, 1.99mm fin gap, and an overall height of 25mm. The L8090C-51 (for 2U) features a 1.15mm fin thickness, 3.58mm fin gap, and the height is 50.8mm.

There are two surface finish options: black anodized and non-anodized. The Non-anodized version offers a lower unit price in both small and production quantities. Please visit our online catalog Intel Xeon Heatsink for details.

Shipment will begin on or around the end of December 2004.

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