Announcing S-PAL8045 and S-PAL8055 Heat Sinks for Athlon, Duron, Athlon XP/MP ( Socket A)

We would like to introduce our latest heat sinks, the S-PAL8045 and S-PAL8055, designed for AMD Socket A processors.

Some of the new features make these products ideal for the latest Socket A boards.

The S-PAL8045/55 does NOT require the 4 holes surrounding the socket for mounting. The heat sink mounts to a custom bracket (FLG462) attached directly to the socket. The new base shape accommodates the entire AMD keep-out area. With these two new design, the S-PAL8045/55 should be compatible with almost every socket A board available.

The new fin pattern design is based on the airflow within the heat sink. Visually, the outside pins are square, and inside pins are round. The intake cover of each S-PAL8045/55 is longer, preventing air from taking a short cut past the hottest portion of the pins. These changes have improved the airflow and thermal performance of the heat sinks.

Product Picture

S-PAL8045 +M81 fan 0.28 deg C/W
Note: M81 = Delta AFB0812SH-F00 (80x80x25.4mm)
4000RPM / 40db(A)
Heat sink Height: 45 mm

S-PAL8055 +M81 fan 0.27 degC/W
Note: M81 = Delta AFB0812SH-F00 (80x80x25.4mm)
4000RPM / 40db(A)
Heat sink Height: 55 mm
Those customers who wish to attach the S-PAL8045/55 directly to the MB via standoffs will need to obtain the MTGH-SPL80S mounting hardware kits. This kit contains all of the hardware required to attach the heat sink directly to the MB if the 4 holes surrounding the socket are present. Of course this kit is not required, as the FLG426 mounting bracket should work with any socket A board, but is only offered as an optional mounting method.

We will be selling the FLG462 attachment bracket as an accessory. However, the following should be noted. Owners of the current PAL8045 heat sink should be aware that the FLG462 mounting bracket is not compatible with the base of the PAL8045 due to differences in the machining. (Remarks.)

The PAL8045 series has been discontinued for sale. The S-PAL8045/55 have taken its place as our high-end Socket-A heat sinks.

We plan to begin shipping production quantities in the end of February. For detailed information, please visit our Online catalogue our Online Catalog - S-PAL8045/55 Series.

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