Announcing S-PAL8952 Heat Sink for Pentium 4 (socket 478)

We would like to introduce a new Intel Pentium 4 heat sink, the S-PAL8952. This heat sink is for Socket 478 processors. Compared to our current P4 heat sink, we have increased the size and changed the fin pattern. Due to these changes, we have been able to improve the performance. The performance improvements make this heat sink the ideal choice for the new Prescott, Northwood and Extreme Edition processors from Intel, which run much hotter than the previous Northwood chips.

Some of the features of this heat sink:

Product Picture
The S-PAL8952 shares many design features with the current PAL8942. They both mount through the four holes surrounding Socket 478. We increased the fin length by 10 mm and changed the fin pattern. The new fin pattern design is based on the air flow within the heat sink. The shape of the outside pins is square and inside pins are round. The intake cover is longer to prevent any air from taking a short cut past the hottest portion of the pins. These changes have improved the airflow and thermal performance of the heat sink.

According to our test results, we have improved performance with both high speed and low speed fans.

S-PAL8952 +M81fan 0.22 deg C/W
Note: M81 = Delta AFB0812SH-F00 (80x80x25.4mm)
4000RPM / 40db(A)

S-PAL8952 +M82fan 0.295 degC/W
Note : M82 = Sanyo Denki 109P0812M701 (80x80x15mm)
2000RPM / 21db(A)

We plan to begin shipping production quantities in the middle of February. For detailed information, please visit our Online catalogue our Online Catalog - S-PAL8952 Series.

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