DCC Series Heat Sinks for DC/DC Converters
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Alpha's new DCC heat sink series has been designed for use with DC/DC converters. The heat sink material is high thermal conductivity A6063 aluminum alloy. The heat sinks are manufactured using Alpha's MicroForging® process. The fins and the base are forged from one solid piece of aluminum under tremendous pressure, completely eliminating any performance-robbing interface between the base and fins.

The DCC series is available in two different fin patterns. The "L" pattern is designed for applications that have relatively low airflow or multiple heat sinks in series. The sparser fin pattern creates less pressure drop for a given airflow than denser patterns. The "U" version is designed for applications that require higher performance (lower thermal resistance). The denser fin pattern maximizes the amount of available surface area for heat dissipation, but will require relatively higher airflow in order to achieve its performance potential.

Each version has two different available fin directions/orientations relative to the mounting holes, accommodating airflow both parallel and perpendicular to the DC/DC converter's length. The DCC series is available in three standard height options: 10.8mm, 17.8mm, and 22.8mm. Custom heights would also be available with no additional tooling fees.

Alpha Company and Alpha Novatech keeps inventory in stock, ready for immediate shipment and testing.

For detail information, please visit Online Catalog - DCC Series.

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