Low Pressure Drop Heat Sink
Product Picture

Alpha's new LPD heat sink series features .03" to .035" thick elliptically shaped aerodynamic fins set in a sparse pattern. Compared to other, comparably sized heat sinks, the pressure drop at 300LFM has been reduced by 72%.

The LPD series has been designed for applications with dense heat sink populations and/or heat sinks in series, where getting enough air through the system has become a problem.

The heat sink material is high thermal conductivity A6063 aluminum alloy. The heat sinks are manufactured using Alpha's MicroForging® process. The fins and the base are forged from one solid piece of aluminum under tremendous pressure, completely eliminating any performance-robbing interface between the base and fins. Various sizes are available from 1.18" to 3.15" square base size with .39"-1.18" total height.

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