Announcing PAL8942 Heat Sink for Pentium 4 - Socket 478

We would like to introduce our latest retail heat sink, the PAL8942.

The PAL8942 is designed for Intel Pentium 4 processors, and mounts through the four holes surrounding the P4 Socket 478. We would like to point out some of the features of this high-performance heat sink.

The dimensions of the heat sink are 80x90x42mm, (base size is larger than PAL8045)! There will also be a 5mm spacer and intake cover between the heat sink and fan, just like the 8045. We will offer 2 types of fans for this heatsink, M81 and M82. The bare heat sink will also be available, so resellers can offer a variety of fan choices to be bundled with PAL8942 to satisfy individual decisions between noise and performance.

The M81 is currently used for the PAL8045, known as the high performance Delta fan. The size is 80x80x25.4mm. SANYO DENKI makes the M82 fan, and the size is 80x80x15mm. The latter is well known as a very high quality quiet fan. The M82 is almost silent compared to the M81. We would like to recommend this fan for customers who desire silent-cooling solutions. The thickness of each fan is different, but we will include two sets of screws for attaching either fan.

With these options, we feel that the PAL8942 will appeal to individuals seeking high quality cooling solutions with minimum noise as well as the extreme enthusiast seeking maximum performance.

As mentioned, the PAL8942 mounts through the four holes present on Pentium 4 motherboards. Therefore, the motherboard must be removed before this heat sink can be installed. Four spring-loaded screws will secure the heat sink to standoffs attached to the motherboard. This heat sink CANNOT be used on Socket 423 Pentiums, or any AMD processors.

Regarding the specification of PAL8942, Please visit our Online Catalog (PAL/PEP Series) page for product details.

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