Announcing Alpha's new UB Series
High Efficiency/Low Profile Heat Sinks developed specifically for limited space applications

High performance electronic/electrical equipment destined for limited space applications such as 1U rack mount systems have become popular in today's market. Adequate cooling of critical components such as the CPU and IC arrays in this limited space environment is both important and challenging. The UB Series offers a wide range of products to assist in system cooling solutions.

The UB Series incorporates Alpha's unique elliptical shaped fin design that maximizes available surface area (fin thickness 0.55mm) thus achieving high efficiency with low pressure drop. Alpha's patented MicroForging® process produces a solid one-piece heat sink forged from 6063 Aluminum to insure minimum thermal resistance. Standard products range from 30mm to 60mm square with standard fin heights from 10mm to 25mm.

The UB60C Series incorporates a copper plate in the base of the heat sink that is embedded during the forging process thus providing for efficient heat transfer and spreading. Fin geometry and available fin heights are the same as offered above. The U60 and UB60C are suitable for socket 370 and 462 applications.

Typical performance: The thermal resistance of our U60C-V25C is 0.61 degreeC/W at 2 (m/s) (400LFM). If the dissipation of your CPU is 30 (W), the temperature of the CPU surface would be approx. 18 degrees C above ambient temperature.

We at Alpha Company Ltd and Alpha Novatech Inc(USA) have received encouraging results from current customers and believe that this new series of heat sinks will contribute to your systems stability, reliability and ongoing performance. New products under development will be added to this site when released.

Alpha specializes in custom heat sink design with quick turn prototype and on-time volume production services. Please do not hesitate to contact us should the need arise or if you have and questions regarding the above.

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