Announcement of PAL15U (revised from FC-PAL15U)
High performance slim fan heat sink, 1U rack compatible for Intel Coppermine, 25mm height fan heatsink attachable in 1U rack system.
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Electronic equipment is becoming faster and more compact, and it has become very important to dissipate heat from electronic components. This has proven to be very important and challenging is 1U rack mount systems.

To meet this challenge, Alpha Company announces the PAL15U, which is a modified version of its best-selling PAL35U. We have received high satisfaction from customers who have already received PAL15Us, "the performance of the PAL15U is outstanding."

Heat sink base size : 60x60(mm)
Heat sink height : 15mm
Fan thickness : 10mm
No anodize version less expensive (Only for corporation)

For details, please visit online catalog - PAL Series.

Alpha will expand our standard high performance heat sink. If you have any requests or opinions, please let us know (Email:

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