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1962 Kataoka Ironworks (the predecessor of Alpha Company) was established in Fuji city, Shizuoka.
1972 Alpha Company was established, specializing in the cold-forging of non-ferrous metals.
1974 Succeeded in developing a two-piece spool for fishing reels, which became very popular during the fishing boom of the time.
1977 Developed an ultra-thin aluminum frame for hand-held calculators, helping to usher in a new era in compactness.
1978 Developed forged aluminum wheels for go-carts.
1980 Developed a one-piece forged aluminum pipe with an irregular shaped flange for car air conditioners, and patented the production process.
1984 Developed single-piece silencers for car air conditioners.
1992 Developed a plutonium container for the Atomic Energy Corporation.
Developed a new condenser manifold for car air conditioners.
Alpha's expanding technical knowledge was integrated to create "MicroForging", an unprecedented high-precision forging technology.
1993 Through MicroForging, Alpha developed a wide variety of heat sinks.
1994 Installed state-of-the-art equipment, designed for mass production of heat sinks.
1996 Expanded its standard lines of heat sinks with new series.
Alpha was designated a Model Creative Enterprise by Shizuoka Prefecture.
1997 Alpha was designated a Model Creative Enterprise by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
Alpha Novatech, Inc. was established in America.
1999 Developed heat sinks with a sloping base.
Developed copper embedded heat sink.
2000 Developed 0.35mm fin thickness heat sink.
2001 Released UB series(fin thickness 0.55~0.6).
Released Z series(fin thickness 0.35).
2002 Alpha's new production facility is brought online.
2003 Released Low Pressure Drop Heat Sink Series.
Released DCC series(for DC-DC Converter).
Released L, LC series.
Released MD, FHC series.
Released natural convection pin fin heat sinks, N series.
2005 Obtained IS09001:2000 certification.
President Hiromi Kataoka (current chairman) earned the Prime Minister Prize in the 1st Monodukuri Prize.
Released 0.23mm fin thickness heat sink, T series.
2006 Obtained ISO14001:2004 certification.
President Hiromi Kataoka (current chairman) was awarded Medal with Yellow Ribbon of autumn.
Released natural convection pin fin heat sinks, N series.
Released LT series.
Released heat sinks with Attachment Tabs.
Released Solderless Z-clip Anchor.
2008 Executive Director Tetsuji Kataoka was inaugurated as the president.
2009 Released round heat sinks CN series.
2011 Released innovative attachment method of QSZ-clip and anchor pin.
2014 Second factory at our production facility brought online.
2015 Expanded the second factory.
Introduced robots, greatly increasing the level of production automation.
2018 Released quickSet (QT series) heat sinks with torsion springs.
2023 Third factory at our production facility brought online.

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