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Accessory - Push Pin


Push Pin Attachment

The heat sink is mounted to the board by spring loaded push-pins. The compression load from the springs applies the appropriate mounting force for the heat sink and generates the pressure required for proper thermal interface material performance.

PCB Board Holes

A minimum of 2 through holes are required in the board. The hole diameter must be 2.500mm or 3.175mm, depending on push pin selection.
Push Pin Speficitaion

Spring Selection

Please visit Spring Selection page.

Installing Procedure

The installation procedure is as follows:

  1. Gently place the heat sink on the chip, while aligning the pins with the board holes.
  2. Place one hand on top of the heat sink to prevent the heat sink from tilting while installing the pins.
  3. While maintaining moderate pressure to the heat sink with one hand, snap the pins through the board with the other hand. Snap the pins through one at a time. Ensure the pins snap completely through the board. However, do not apply excessive force, or the spring may fully compress, applying all of the application force to the chip.
  4. If more than two pins are used, install the pins in an alternating, crisscross pattern.
Assemble Process Assemble Process Assemble Process Assemble Process Assemble Process Assemble Process Assemble Process

Removal Procedure

The removal procedure is as follows:

  1. Access to the backside of the board is required for removal. This may require that the board is removed from the chassis/system.
  2. Compress the split ends of the push pins, while gently pulling on the pin from top side of the board. Use of a small pair of pliers may make it easier to compress the end of the pins. However, do not use a pair of pliers with a serrated edge, as this may damage the pins. Do not overcompress the split end of the pins, just enough force to get the split end to snap back into the hole is required.

Although the push pin attachment is reworkable, we do not recommend using the same pins for multiple installations/removals. The pin ends may become deformed after multiple uses. Additional pins can be ordered as spares.

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