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The heat sink width(W), length(L), base thickness, and fin length can all be modified. Machined features such as through holes, tapped holes can also be added. In addition, assemblies including push pins, springs, and thermal interface material can be created.

Input all your needs of customization, and click "Complete Input"

  • Minimum Order Quantity is 1 piece.
  • Price depends on the modifications and quantity per order. The estimated unit price for less than 100 pieces can be seen online.
  • Standard Lead-time is 7-10 days + shipping time. If required, we can offer a shorder, expedited lead time.
  • The modified areas will come with the standard anodized finish.
  • You will receive a Quotation and Drawing after submitting these modifications.
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Custom Item Name
Based Heat sink
Shape of Heat sink:
About the height Total height(mm) Fin length(mm) Base thickness(mm) About the base size Width(mm) Length(mm)
*() is standard size.
Add pedestal:
Size of pedestal(mm) Height of pedestal(mm)
Hole/Tapped hole:
ID Diameter Effective Length/Through
Fin Removal Area
Location from Center(mm) C-bore(mm)
Component side Fin side
X-axis Y-axis Diameter Depth Diameter Depth
Push pins and Springs:
Push pins Springs Selection condition Working load
ID Location from Center(mm)
Board thickness
Chip info.
Height limit
Allowable load
X-axis Y-axis
Height Vertical Horizontal Minimum Maximum
Shoulder Screw and Springs:
Shoulder Screw Spring Selection condition Working load
ID Position
Board thickness
Chip info.
Height limit
Allowable load
X-axis Y-axis C-bore
Component side
Height Vertical Horizontal Minimum Maximum Diameter Depth
Thermal interface:
Type Item name Item code
Surface finish:
Surface finish
Contact Information
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Base Heat Sink LPD35-10B
Base Size (35)mm x (35)mm
Height 10mm
Fin Length 7mm
Base Thickness (3)mm